What's New


Embedded Demo Videos

As students learn and practice complex labs, they have the option to view the demo video embedded in the lab. This will help them understand and practice complex tasks in:

  • Hardware
  • Software Applications
  • Operating and File Systems
  • Networking
  • Internet Technology

Lab Exhibits

Exhibits are found in the top right corner of some labs to assist students as they try and complete complex tasks. For example, the exhibit in the image above shows which connector to use and where to plug the power supply into the hard drive.

Problem Solving and Project Planning

We have added an additional chapter called Problem Solving and Project Planning. In this chapter, students will learn how to define a problem, identify goals, and break down problems into smaller parts. Students will learn and implement the design process, create a project timeline, identify their audience and carry out a project. They will collaborate and present their project using tools they have learned about in the course.


Once students learn the basics, they will receive overview of troubleshooting. Learning to troubleshoot in each of these areas:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Programming

This will be crucial so students can fix minor issues that commonly arise.


Handouts are projects assigned to help students apply what they are learning in the class. These handouts will enable collaboration, planning, and application of these concepts:

  • Project planning and collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Online research
  • Seeking feedback
  • Transferring knowledge
  • Sharing content
  • Critical thinking
  • File management
  • Identifying cyber bullying
  • Creating digital media