Key Features

Hands-On Experience

TestOut's simulated labs provide students an environment to gain hands-on experience working with diverse technologies and platforms in a risk-free setting. Based on real world scenarios, students will practice key tasks they would encounter on the job. The labs are designed to give students the confidence they need to be able to complete a task, not just learn about it. All without any need to set up virtual environments or configure physical technology.

Fully Networked Environment

File Permissions

Students will learn to manage storage, partitions, file sharing and permissions. As part of this, students will learn about storage, disk partitions, and disk quotas, as well as logical volume management. They will learn to manage file systems and file ownership and permissions. Additionally, they will learn about Access Control Lists (ACLs) and archiving and backing up files.

Manage ACLs

Cloud and Virtualization

Students will learn about virtualization and how to manage virtualized environments. This includes installing Hypervisor, configuring virtual machines, and managing virtual networks. They will also learn how to configure and utilize containers and sandbox applications on Linux.

Virtual Networking Explained


As security threats continually change, it is important that students learn modern security concerns. As part of this, they will learn to mitigate common security concerns in the Linux environment such as root usage, user restrictions, login blocking, managing SSH, security best practices, and more.

Manage Configurations with sudo