Key Features

Best Hands-On Learning

TestOut's state-of-the-art simulation labs are a proven way to give students hands-on experience working with diverse technologies/platforms and build their competence in digital literacy. Replicating real world examples, these labs are designed to support teachers in the classroom and assess student's understanding as they interact with the concepts being taught.

Return to Lab Feature

This optional feature can be turned on by campus administrators. This will allow students to check which tasks they have completed then return to the lab and continue working until all tasks are done.

Keyboarding Skills Labs

Emphasizing finger placement and ergonomics, students practice typing letters, words and sentences. Scores allow teachers to assess the student’s keyboarding skills.

Word Typing Practice Lab

Sentence Typing Practice Lab

Hardware Labs

Students can practice installing, upgrading and configuring various hardware components involved in setting up a computer.

Setting Up A Computer

Operating Systems Labs

Students will explore the UI elements and features of Windows OS and Linux OS. They will also learn the intricacies of file systems using GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Windows, and CLI (Command Line Interface) in Windows and Linux.

Windows 10 OS

Microsoft Office Labs

Microsoft Word

Interacting with Microsoft Word, students will learn to create and edit tables and documents from templates. They will also learn how to modify and format images and text.

Microsoft Excel

In Excel, students will learn different data types and how to create and format tables and charts. Students will also learn the basics of data entry and building spreadsheets.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Interacting with PowerPoint, students will modify slide presentations, and format tables, images, and lists. They'll make their slides more engaging with transitions and animations.

Microsoft Access

With Access, students will Insert, modify and remove data, and learn to create a simple query.

Microsoft Outlook

Interacting with Outlook, students will learn the interface and function of email and calendaring activities, including creating, sending, modifying, responding to and deleting emails and events.

Networking Labs

Students will get to work in a simulated home office, and learn how to set up a network. They will configure a simple wired and wireless network. They will also install a NIC, set up switches and routers, and connect to a wireless network.

Setting Up A Wired Network

Internet Technology Labs

Interacting with Google’s Search engine, students will gain hands on experience with advanced search, image search and search evaluation/validation.

Advanced Image Search Lab

Programming Labs

Using TestOut's drag and drop coding labs and code visualizer, students will learn to develop a set of instructions that computers can understand. Using JavaScript, they will learn conditional functions, logical operators and iteration control structures. They will also work with arrays, lists and functions.

Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop coding labs teach students the basics of how programming codes should be structured.

Code Visualizer

Code visualizer labs allow students to understand how code segments are processed and executed.

Mobile Device Labs

Exploring the iPad OS interface and iPad applications, students will learn how to install/uninstall apps, and configure iPad settings. They'll practice connecting mobile devices with Bluetooth, cellular networks and Wi-Fi. They'll also learn how to keep mobile devices secure and private.