Purpose & Benefits


TestOut Digital Literacy Pro provides a comprehensive introduction to digital literacy. As our use of technology expands, the demand for more advanced technology training has significantly increased. To respond to the demand, we have included more advanced topics in our digital literacy curriculum. TestOut Digital Literacy Pro is designed to help students in both traditional digital literacy courses and more advanced digital literacy courses. This course helps students build a great foundation for computer technology, and prepares them to be competent digital citizens. Topics covered include: .

  • Keyboarding
  • Computer Hardware  
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Operating Systems and File Systems
  • Application Software
  • Internet Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Problem Solving and Project Planning
  • Career Planning and Preparation

Key Benefits

1. Everything Students Need to Become Digitally Literate

Digital Literacy Pro brings full-featured learning activities and resources straight to the classroom.  

  • Our text and video lessons help students learn key concepts and terms.  
  • Our demos and hands-on labs help students learn valuable technology skills.
  • Learning reviews and quiz questions help teachers accurately gauge a student’s learning.

All these resources are nicely packaged to help teachers focus on teaching and helping students succeed. TestOut Digital Literacy Pro includes:

  • 15 Chapters
  • 300+ Learning Resources
  • 70+ Quizzes
  • 800+ Questions

2. The best hands-on learning for practicing real-world computer skills

Our state-of-the-art simulation labs are fantastic resources for students to learn viable computer skills, such as:

  • Working with computer components
  • Configuring simple networks  
  • Creating Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Executing simple code  

All labs are replicated to teach concepts and scenarios found in the classroom and various industries. The product provides:

  • 93 Labs
  • 80 Technology Demos
  • And teaches 12 different technologies, including Windows 10, Microsoft Office and iPad OS

Our labs require no setup. Students can get straight to work. This means that:

  • Instructors do not need to spend countless hours installing software and making sure that each virtual machine is working as anticipated.
  • There is no need for instructors to set up physical labs, purchase software, or conduct regular maintenance and updates.
  • Students do not need to use multiple computers or virtual machines to complete labs or practice different online skills.

​All labs auto-grade and can sync with most LMS systems. This provides effortless grading, and minimal work for instructors.

3. Confidence through certification

TestOut Digital Literacy Pro offers hundreds of lessons and practice questions to help students learn essential computer skills and prepare them for TestOut’s Digital Literacy Pro certification exam. This exam measures students’ ability to perform tasks related to digital literacy, and verifies their understanding and proficiency with computers. A one-time voucher to take this valuable TestOut Digital Literacy Pro exam is included with the course at no additional cost. This course and certification will give students the skills and confidence to further pursue an education in technology.