TestOut Digital Literacy Pro Certification Exams


TestOut Digital Literacy Pro prepares students for the TestOut Digital Literacy Pro certification exam. This certification exam was created for anyone seeking to prove their foundational computer skills in an ever-evolving digital world. This foundational certification provides students with the confidence to pursue future technology education, certifications and careers. Proving that students can understand and work with computers can also help build their professional resume. Each Digital Literacy Pro license contains a voucher to take the Digital Literacy Pro certification exam one time at no added cost. The exam contains the following domains:

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications
  • Programming
  • Networks
  • Cybersecurity

TestOut Digital Literacy Pro Certification

Certification Preparation

Digital Literacy Pro provides great resources to help prepare students for certification and assess their understanding of the concepts being taught. Preparation resources include:

  • End of Section Exams - Hidden from the student to give the teacher more control of quizzes and exams, end of sections exams are pre-made exams accessible within the custom exams tool.
  • Custom Exams - Allow teachers to create their own exams from a pool of over 800 multiple choice or lab type questions.
  • Domain Practice Exams - Allow students to review the domains covered in the exam and identify where they need additional practice in order to pass the certification exam.
  • Certification Practice Exams - Meant to prepare the student for what to expect on the actual certification exam.