Lab Video Highlights

Hands-On Labs

Here is the list of hands-on labs that users can practice in TestOut Digital Literacy Pro.

Computer Hardware

  • Connect Peripheral Devices  
  • Select a Motherboard  
  • Install a CPU  
  • Install RAM  
  • Install SATA Hard Drives  
  • Upgrade a Video Card   
  • Install a Power Supply  
  • Build a Computer Capstone  
  • Update Software Driver  

Windows 10

  • Explore Windows 10 UI GUI
  • Update Windows OS
  • Install, Run, Close and Uninstall Applications
  • Use Windows File System/GUI
  • Use Windows File System/CLI
  • Move Files from an External Drive
  • Connect a Wireless Network
  • Share a File Using OneDrive
  • Set an IP Address
  • Move Files from an External Drive


  • Use Linux File System/CLI

Microsoft Word

  • Practice Creating, Opening and Closing Files
  • Practice Creating a File from a Template
  • Practice Printing and Saving Files
  • Practice Undoing, Redoing, Copying, Cutting and Pasting
  • Use the Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Modify Fonts
  • Change Alignment and Paragraph Options
  • Create and Format Lists
  • Adjust Margins, Tabs and Page Options
  • Create, Modify and Delete a Table
  • Customize a Table
  • Work with Images

Microsoft Excel

  • Navigate Worksheets
  • Enter Different Types of Data
  • Use Formulas
  • Use Fill Options
  • Create a Table
  • Create a Chart

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create, Move, Remove and Enter Text for Slides
  • Insert a Table
  • Insert a List
  • Insert an Image
  • Create, Modify and Remove Transitions
  • Create, Modify and Remove Animations
  • Run a Slideshow

Microsoft Outlook

  • Create and Send Messages
  • Reply to Messages
  • Create, Share, Modify and Delete an Event
  • Evaluate an Email for Phishing

Microsoft Access

  • Insert, Modify and Remove Data
  • Create a Simple Query

Networking Hardware

  • Install a NIC
  • Create a Simple Wired Network
  • Create a Simple Wireless Network

Google Chrome

  • Browser Management
  • Evaluate Search Results
  • Conduct an Advanced Search
  • Conduct an Image Search

World Wide Web

  • Subscribe to an RSS Feed
  • Perform Advanced Searches

Google Chrome

  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Configure Browser Settings
  • Use a Proxy Server

Social Media

  • Configure Social Media Privacy Settings

iPad OS

  • Explore iPad UI and Common Settings
  • Use iPad App Store
  • Configure iPad Settings for Apps
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Connect to Cellular Network
  • Use iPad Bluetooth
  • Interact with Privacy Settings and Authentication
  • Evaluate iMessage Smishing


  • Your First Program
  • Use Data Operators
  • Work with Functions
  • Work with String Functions and Formatting
  • Use If Then Else
  • Work with Conditions and Operators
  • Work with While Loops
  • Use For Loops
  • Use Branching Statements
  • Work with Arrays and Lists
  • Work with Arrays and Functions


  • Practice Typing Home Row Letters
  • Practice with Pointer Finger
  • Practice with Middle Finger
  • Practice with Ring Finger
  • Practice with Pinky Finger
  • Practice Numbers
  • Practice Using Shift Keys
  • Practice Common Words
  • Practice Large Words
  • Practice Mixed Case Words
  • Practice Easy Sentences
  • Practice Intermediate Sentences
  • Practice Complex Sentences

Technology Demos

Here is the list of technologies that we demo in TestOut Digital Literacy Pro.

Windows 10

  • Windows OS Overview
  • Updating an OS
  • Run/Close an Application and Install/Uninstall an Application
  • Update Software Drivers
  • Change Display Settings
  • Renaming, Moving and Deleting Files and Folders
  • Open a File from External Memory
  • Backup Files
  • Create, Open and Close Files
  • Print, Save and Save As Files
  • Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut and Paste Files
  • Using the Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Share Files

Linux OS

  • Overview of Linux OS
  • Explore Linux UI
  • Use Linux File System/GUI


  • Overview of MacOS

Chrome OS

  • Overview of Chrome OS

iPad OS

  • Explore common UI and Settings
  • How to Install/Uninstall Mobile Apps
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Connect to a Cellular Network
  • Connect to Bluetooth
  • Access Privacy Settings
  • Explore Auto-Lock, Touch ID and Passcode
  • Use Email and Text

Microsoft Word

  • Modify Fonts
  • Modify Alignment, Line Spacing and Orientation
  • Create Lists
  • Modify Margins, Tabs and Indentation
  • Table Overview
  • Use Columns and Rows
  • Modify Cells, Borders and Colors
  • Insert and Resize Images
  • Wrap Text Around Images

Microsoft Excel

  • Work with Workbooks, Worksheets, Tabs and Cells
  • Cell Selection and Navigation
  • Modify Fonts, Font Color and Cell Color
  • Using Number Formats (Data Types, Decimals)
  • Navigate Cell Selection, Sorting and Filters
  • Learn Formula and Cell Reference
  • Introduce Arithmetic Operators
  • Function Overview and Common Functions
  • Use Formula Fill and other Fill Options
  • Introduce Charts and Tables  
  • Insert and Delete a Simple Table
  • Insert and Delete a Simple Chart

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create, Move, Remove and Enter Text
  • Insert a Table (Position, Resize, Etc.)
  • Insert a List (Position, Resize, Etc.)
  • Insert an Image (Position, Resize, Etc.)
  • Use Slide Transitions (Add, Modify, Remove)
  • Use Slide Animation (Add, Modify, Remove)
  • Launch and Present a Slideshow
  • Presentation Tips

Microsoft Outlook

  • Navigate Outlook Email Interface
  • Create an Email
  • Respond to Messages
  • Introduce Spam/Junk Email and Delete Emails
  • Digital Calendar Overview
  • Create an Event/Recurring Event
  • Share, Modify and Delete an Event

Microsoft Access

  • Introduce Database Basics

Google Chrome

  • Browser Basics
  • Search Operators and Advanced Search
  • Image Search Tools and Downloading Images


  • Insert and Modify Data
  • Introduce Query Basics
  • Find and Fix Bugs
  • Use the JavaScript Code Visualizer
  • Use Order of Operations
  • Use Arithmetic Operators
  • Create Functions
  • Use String Functions and Formatting
  • Create Arrays and Functions

Graphic, Video, Photo Editing

  • Coming Soon