Lab Video Highlights

Online Essentials (Chapter 1)

The Internet and Social Media

  • Web Browsing with Google Chrome
  • Navigate to Websites
  • Performing Web Searches
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Clearing a Browser's Cache
  • Configure Pop-up Blocker

Digital Communication

  • Send and Receive Outlook Email Messages
  • Formatting Messages
  • Add and Remove File Attachments
  • Forward and Reply to Messages
  • Insert Hyperlinks

Online Safety and Security

  • Modify Privacy
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Configure Privacy Settings in Google Chrome
  • Clear the Browser Cache
  • Respond to Social Engineering Attacks
  • Configure Google Chrome Pop-ups

Computer Essentials (Chapter 2)

Computer Hardware

  • Connect a Monitor
  • Set Up a Computer
  • Install USB Device
  • Connect a Printer

System Software

  • Explore Windows 10 Features
  • Change Display Settings
  • Connect to a Printer
  • Share a Printer
  • Configure Windows Update

File Management

  • Manage and Share Files in Windows
  • Manage Files
  • Copy Files from a USB Thumb Drive
  • Use Shared Storage
  • Use OneDrive Storage

Application Software

  • Use Desktop Applications
  • Run Desktop Applications
  • Open and Print a Document in Word

Networking and User Accounts

  • Configure Networking and User Accounts
  • Create and Remove a User
  • Connect to a Wireless Network
  • Connect to a public WiFi Network


  • Open Microsoft Access Database Objects
  • Enter and Delete Data
  • Edit Records

Common Office Features (Chapter 3)

Getting Started with Office

  • Create, Open, and Save Files
  • Perform Basic Commands within Office Applications
  • Modify a Word Document
  • Save Files in Various Formats and Locations
  • Create New Word Document

Customizing Views and Options

  • Switching Document Views
  • Changing Zoom Level
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon
  • Splitting the Window

Printing Files

  • Change Print Orientation
  • Print on Both Sides
  • Change Margins

Navigating Files

  • Create Bookmarks
  • Add and Remove Hyperlinks
  • Use the Go To Feature

Working with Objects

  • Insert Pictures, Textboxes, and Shapes
  • Apply colors and Styles
  • Position Objects on a Slide

Microsoft Word (Chapter 4)

Creating Documents and Using the Clipboard

  • Create Documents
  • Open Existing Documents
  • Enter and Delete Text
  • Use the Clipboard
  • Insert Text from another Document
  • Undo actions
  • Prepare a Business Memo
  • Reorganize Class Notes

Modifying Fonts

  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Font Case
  • Font Color
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Prepare a Resume
  • Format a Math Worksheet

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Aligning
  • Indenting
  • Shading
  • Borders
  • Modify Paragraph Spacing
  • Add Bulleted Lists
  • Observe Paragraph Formatting Marks
  • Format a Research Paper
  • Format Lists

Formatting Pages

  • Adding Watermarks
  • Adding Page Borders
  • Create and Format Columns
  • Insert and Modify Tab Stops
  • Change Page Margins
  • Change Page Orientation
  • Align Text Vertically
  • Insert Page and Column Breaks
  • Format a Report Draft
  • Format a Music Program

Editing Documents

  • Find and Replace
  • Spell Check and Grammar Check
  • Thesaurus
  • Change AutoCorrect Options
  • Add New AutoCorrect Entries
  • Edit an Essay
  • Edit a Newspaper Article

Inserting Illustrations and Other Elements

  • Inserting Pictures from a File
  • Insert Pictures from the Internet
  • Resize and Align Pictures
  • Modify Text Wrap Settings
  • Insert Symbols and Shapes
  • Insert Current Date
  • Insert Images for a Poster
  • Insert Images for a Flyer

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Inserting Tables
  • Adding Rows
  • Adding Columns
  • Formatting Data within Tables
  • Format a Calendar
  • Format Tables for a Sales Report

Using Themes, Styles, and Templates

  • Create Document Based on a Template
  • Apply Different Themes
  • Apply Heading Styles to Paragraphs
  • Modify Existing Styles and Style Sets
  • Create a Certificate Using a Template
  • Format a Newsletter

Managing References

  • Create Citation Sources
  • Insert and Edit Citations
  • Insert a Bibliography
  • Insert Footnotes
  • Insert Endnotes
  • Manage Essay References
  • Add References to a Research Report

Managing Headers, Footers, and Sections

  • Insert Page Numbers
  • Insert Content into Headers and Footers
  • Format Page Numbers and Insert Section Breaks
  • Format a Research Paper with Sections
  • Format a Survey Report

Using Office Collaboration Features

  • Modify Track Changes Options
  • Accept Tracked Changes
  • Reject Tracked Changes
  • Protect a Document
  • Inspect a Document
  • Check for Accessibility Issues
  • Check for Compatibility Issues
  • Prepare a Business Memo for Distribution
  • Prepare an Online Resume

Word Live Projects

  • Create an Event Flyer
  • Format a Sales Report
  • Format and Add Citations for a White Paper

Microsoft Excel (Chapter 5)

Creating and Managing Workbooks

  • Create New Workbooks
  • Open Existing Workbooks
  • Add Worksheets
  • Delete Worksheets
  • Navigate Between Worksheets
  • Rename Worksheets
  • Reorder Worksheets
  • Copy Worksheets
  • Import Data from a Text File
  • Organize a Budget Worksheet
  • Import and Organize Research Data

Organizing and Entering Data

  • Select Cells
  • Enter Titles for Worksheets
  • Working with Columns and Rows
  • Freezing Columns, Rows, and Panes
  • Entering Text into Cells
  • Copy and Paste Cell Data
  • Insert, Delete, and Hide Rows and Columns
  • Undo Actions
  • Enter Survey Results Data
  • Organize Sales Data

Changing Properties and Printing Worksheets

  • Edit Workbook Properties
  • Lock Cells
  • Unlock Cells
  • Protect Worksheet
  • Modify Print Settings
  • Add Information to Worksheet Headers and Footers
  • Prepare and Print Sales Data
  • Protect a Budget Worksheet

Formatting Cells

  • Add Borders to Cells
  • Clear Cell Formatting
  • Apply Number Formatting
  • Merge Cells Together
  • Adjust Column Width
  • Adjust Row Height
  • Change Font
  • Change Font Color
  • Chang Background Color
  • Apply Preset Styles
  • Create a Spreadsheet for a Camping Equipment Store
  • Format a Directory

Entering Simple Formulas

  • Use Text Functions
  • Use Arithmetic Operators in Formulas
  • Use AutoSum
  • Copy Formulas with Fill Handle
  • Reference Cells in Formulas
  • Edit a Spreadsheet for a Cheese Shop
  • Edit a Gradebook

Using Advanced Functions

  • Use the IF Function
  • Use Absolute References
  • Use Relative References
  • Analyze Data at a County Fair
  • Review a Toy Company's Sales Data

Displaying Data in Charts

  • Create a Chart Based on a Data Range
  • Use Different Types of Charts
  • Move Charts to Chart Worksheets
  • Resize Charts
  • Customize Chart Colors, Labels, and Titles
  • Update Charts to Include New Data
  • Create a Chart for a Stock Portfolio
  • Modify an Election Results Chart

Organizing Data Tables

  • Format a Data Range as a Table
  • Add Rows and Columns to a Table
  • Remove Duplicate Records
  • Adjust Table Style Options
  • Create Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Edit Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Add Data Bars to a Cell
  • Format Sales Data for a Pizza Chain
  • Format a Table for Baseball Statistics

Summarizing Complex Data

  • Create and Modify Outlines
  • Use VLOOKUP Function
  • Work With PivotTables
  • Improve Data Analytics for a Muffin Café
  • Create a Pivot Table for a Hardware Store

Excel Live Projects

  • Modify an Expense Report
  • Analyze Sales Data
  • Analyze Sales Transactions

Microsoft PowerPoint (Chapter 6)

Creating and Managing Presentations

  • Create a New Presentation
  • Delete Slides
  • Reorder Slides
  • Hide Slides
  • Duplicate Slides
  • Save a Presentation in Various Formats
  • Create New Slides
  • Reorganize Presentation Slides
  • Create a New Presentation Using a Template

Format Textual Content

  • Modify List Levels and Styles
  • Insert Textboxes
  • Change Font
  • Change Paragraph Style
  • Insert Text into Headers and Footers
  • Format Text for a Sales Presentation
  • Format a Class Report

Designing Slides

  • Modify Theme Font
  • Modify Theme Color
  • Change the Size and Background of Slides
  • Modify Slide Layout
  • Design a Business Plan Presentation
  • Design a Class Presentation

Using Slide Master

  • Insert New Slide Masters and Layouts
  • Insert and Modify Placeholders
  • Add Graphics
  • Chose Master Layout Elements
  • Edit the Slide Master Theme
  • Modify Slide Backgrounds
  • Insert Header and Footer Information
  • Create a New Slide Master Layout
  • Customize a Slide Master Layout

Formatting SmartArt and Shapes

  • Format SmartArt Shapes and WordArt
  • Copy and Paste Slide Elements
  • Align Shapes
  • Distribute Shapes
  • Group Shapes
  • Stack Shapes
  • Format Elements in a Class Presentation
  • Format a Business Presentation with SmartArt

Formatting Tables and Charts

  • Insert Tables and Charts
  • Apply Styles and Style Options
  • Insert New Data
  • Modify other Elements
  • Modify a PowerPoint Table
  • Prepare a Sales Presentation

Formatting Pictures and Other Media

  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert Video
  • Insert Audio
  • Resize and Apply Styles to Pictures
  • Modify Video Playback Options
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Format a Class Presentation on Confucius
  • Format a Class Presentation on Plato

Applying Animations and Transitions

  • Apply Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, and Motion Path Animations to both Text and Objects
  • Change Timing and Direction of an Animation
  • Apply Various Transitions to Slides
  • Change Timing and Duration of Transitions
  • Remove both Animations and Transitions
  • Add Transitions to a Presentation on Ethics
  • Add Animations to an Astronomy Presentation

Delivering Presentations

  • Use Spell Checker
  • Use Thesaurus
  • Add Speaker Notes
  • Navigate through a Slideshow
  • Use Presenter View
  • Print Slides, Handouts, and Speaker Notes
  • Prepare for a Presentation on Ethics
  • Deliver a PowerPoint Lecture on Solar Eclipses

PowerPoint Live Projects

  • Format a Sales Training Presentation
  • Format a Sales Report Presentation
  • Format a Marketing Campaign Presentation

Microsoft Access (Chapter 7)

Managing Databases

  • Open Database Objects
  • Enter Data
  • Delete Data
  • Edit Records

Designing and Creating Tables

  • Create New Tables
  • Change Field Properties
  • Import Data into Tables
  • Create Relationships
  • Make Lookup Fields
  • Create a Student Database
  • Create a Library Database

Using Simple Queries

  • Create New Queries
  • Add Fields to Existing Queries
  • Use Text, Numeric and Date Criteria
  • Add Totals to Queries
  • Add Grouping to Queries
  • Create Queries for a School
  • Create Queries for a Library

Creating Forms

  • Make Forms Based on Tables
  • Add Buttons to Forms
  • Delete Fields and Labels
  • Add Logos
  • Apply Themes
  • Create Forms for a School
  • Create Forms for a Library

Creating Reports

  • Use a Report Wizard
  • Apply Themes and Logos to a Report
  • Adjust Cosmetic Formatting
  • Create Reports for a School
  • Create Reports for a Library

Microsoft Outlook (Chapter 8)

Sending and Receiving Messages

  • Format Messages
  • Add and Remove File Attachments
  • Forward and Reply to Messages
  • Use Tracking Options
  • Create and Send a Message to a Sales Manager
  • Reply to a Colleague

Managing Messages

  • Create Rules
  • Create Automatic Replies
  • Configure Junk Email Settings
  • Sort and Organize Messages
  • Configure Basic Auto Archive Settings
  • Manage Rules and Replies for Vacation
  • Organize and Filter Your Messages

Working with the Calendar

  • Schedule Meetings
  • Schedule Personal Appointments
  • Create Calendars
  • Forward Calendars
  • Respond to Meeting Invitations
  • Modify Calendar Items
  • Schedule Calendar Items at Work
  • Review and Respond to Calendar Items at Work

Managing Contacts and Groups

  • Create and Edit Contacts and Groups
  • Import Contacts from External Sources
  • Attach Images to Contacts
  • Share Contacts
  • Create and Modify Contacts at Work
  • Create Contact Groups at Work

Technology Demos

Within TestOut Office Pro we use video lessons to introduce many features and explain why we need them. We also provide demo videos that show how to perform required tasks in our skill labs.