Lab Video Highlights

Online Essentials (Chapter 1)

The Internet and Social Media

  • Web Browsing with Google Chrome
  • Navigate to Websites
  • Performing Web Searches
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Clearing a Browser's Cache
  • Configure Pop-up Blocker

Digital Communication

  • Send and Receive Outlook Email Messages
  • Formatting Messages
  • Add and Remove File Attachments
  • Forward and Reply to Messages
  • Insert Hyperlinks

Online Safety and Security

  • Modify Privacy
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Configure Privacy Settings in Google Chrome
  • Clear the Browser Cache
  • Respond to Social Engineering Attacks
  • Configure Google Chrome Pop-ups

Computer Essentials (Chapter 2)

Computer Hardware

  • Connect a Monitor
  • Set Up a Computer
  • Install USB Device
  • Connect a Printer

System Software

  • Explore Windows 10 Features
  • Change Display Settings
  • Connect to a Printer
  • Share a Printer
  • Configure Windows Update

File Management

  • Manage and Share Files in Windows
  • Manage Files
  • Copy Files from a USB Thumb Drive
  • Use Shared Storage
  • Use OneDrive Storage

Application Software

  • Use Desktop Applications
  • Run Desktop Applications
  • Open and Print a Document in Word

Networking and User Accounts

  • Configure Networking and User Accounts
  • Create and Remove a User
  • Connect to a Wireless Network
  • Connect to a public WiFi Network


  • Open Microsoft Access Database Objects
  • Enter and Delete Data
  • Edit Records

Common Office Features (Chapter 3)

Getting Started with Office

  • Create, Open, and Save Files
  • Perform Basic Commands within Office Applications
  • Modify a Word Document
  • Save Files in Various Formats and Locations
  • Create New Word Document

Customizing Views and Options

  • Switching Document Views
  • Changing Zoom Level
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon
  • Splitting the Window

Printing Files

  • Change Print Orientation
  • Print on Both Sides
  • Change Margins

Navigating Files

  • Create Bookmarks
  • Add and Remove Hyperlinks
  • Use the Go To Feature

Working with Objects

  • Insert Pictures, Textboxes, and Shapes
  • Apply colors and Styles
  • Position Objects on a Slide

Microsoft Word (Chapter 4)

Creating Documents and Using the Clipboard

  • Create Documents
  • Open Existing Documents
  • Enter and Delete Text
  • Use the Clipboard
  • Insert Text from another Document
  • Undo actions
  • Prepare a Business Memo
  • Reorganize Class Notes

Modifying Fonts

  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Font Case
  • Font Color
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Prepare a Resume
  • Format a Math Worksheet

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Aligning
  • Indenting
  • Shading
  • Borders
  • Modify Paragraph Spacing
  • Add Bulleted Lists
  • Observe Paragraph Formatting Marks
  • Format a Research Paper
  • Format Lists

Formatting Pages

  • Adding Watermarks
  • Adding Page Borders
  • Create and Format Columns
  • Insert and Modify Tab Stops
  • Change Page Margins
  • Change Page Orientation
  • Align Text Vertically
  • Insert Page and Column Breaks
  • Format a Report Draft
  • Format a Music Program

Editing Documents

  • Find and Replace
  • Spell Check and Grammar Check
  • Thesaurus
  • Change AutoCorrect Options
  • Add New AutoCorrect Entries
  • Edit an Essay
  • Edit a Newspaper Article

Inserting Illustrations and Other Elements

  • Inserting Pictures from a File
  • Insert Pictures from the Internet
  • Resize and Align Pictures
  • Modify Text Wrap Settings
  • Insert Symbols and Shapes
  • Insert Current Date
  • Insert Images for a Poster
  • Insert Images for a Flyer

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Inserting Tables
  • Adding Rows
  • Adding Columns
  • Formatting Data within Tables
  • Format a Calendar
  • Format Tables for a Sales Report

Using Themes, Styles, and Templates

  • Create Document Based on a Template
  • Apply Different Themes
  • Apply Heading Styles to Paragraphs
  • Modify Existing Styles and Style Sets
  • Create a Certificate Using a Template
  • Format a Newsletter

Managing References

  • Create Citation Sources
  • Insert and Edit Citations
  • Insert a Bibliography
  • Insert Footnotes
  • Insert Endnotes
  • Manage Essay References
  • Add References to a Research Report

Managing Headers, Footers, and Sections

  • Insert Page Numbers
  • Insert Content into Headers and Footers
  • Format Page Numbers and Insert Section Breaks
  • Format a Research Paper with Sections
  • Format a Survey Report

Using Office Collaboration Features

  • Modify Track Changes Options
  • Accept Tracked Changes
  • Reject Tracked Changes
  • Protect a Document
  • Inspect a Document
  • Check for Accessibility Issues
  • Check for Compatibility Issues
  • Prepare a Business Memo for Distribution
  • Prepare an Online Resume

Word Live Projects

  • Create an Event Flyer
  • Format a Sales Report
  • Format and Add Citations for a White Paper

Microsoft Excel (Chapter 5)

Creating and Managing Workbooks

  • Create New Workbooks
  • Open Existing Workbooks
  • Add Worksheets
  • Delete Worksheets
  • Navigate Between Worksheets
  • Rename Worksheets
  • Reorder Worksheets
  • Copy Worksheets
  • Import Data from a Text File
  • Organize a Budget Worksheet
  • Import and Organize Research Data

Organizing and Entering Data

  • Select Cells
  • Enter Titles for Worksheets
  • Working with Columns and Rows
  • Freezing Columns, Rows, and Panes
  • Entering Text into Cells
  • Copy and Paste Cell Data
  • Insert, Delete, and Hide Rows and Columns
  • Undo Actions
  • Enter Survey Results Data
  • Organize Sales Data

Changing Properties and Printing Worksheets

  • Edit Workbook Properties
  • Lock Cells
  • Unlock Cells
  • Protect Worksheet
  • Modify Print Settings
  • Add Information to Worksheet Headers and Footers
  • Prepare and Print Sales Data
  • Protect a Budget Worksheet

Formatting Cells

  • Add Borders to Cells
  • Clear Cell Formatting
  • Apply Number Formatting
  • Merge Cells Together
  • Adjust Column Width
  • Adjust Row Height
  • Change Font
  • Change Font Color
  • Chang Background Color
  • Apply Preset Styles
  • Create a Spreadsheet for a Camping Equipment Store
  • Format a Directory

Entering Simple Formulas

  • Use Text Functions
  • Use Arithmetic Operators in Formulas
  • Use AutoSum
  • Copy Formulas with Fill Handle
  • Reference Cells in Formulas
  • Edit a Spreadsheet for a Cheese Shop
  • Edit a Gradebook

Using Advanced Functions

  • Use the IF Function
  • Use Absolute References
  • Use Relative References
  • Analyze Data at a County Fair
  • Review a Toy Company's Sales Data

Displaying Data in Charts

  • Create a Chart Based on a Data Range
  • Use Different Types of Charts
  • Move Charts to Chart Worksheets
  • Resize Charts
  • Customize Chart Colors, Labels, and Titles
  • Update Charts to Include New Data
  • Create a Chart for a Stock Portfolio
  • Modify an Election Results Chart

Organizing Data Tables

  • Format a Data Range as a Table
  • Add Rows and Columns to a Table
  • Remove Duplicate Records
  • Adjust Table Style Options
  • Create Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Edit Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Add Data Bars to a Cell
  • Format Sales Data for a Pizza Chain
  • Format a Table for Baseball Statistics

Summarizing Complex Data

  • Create and Modify Outlines
  • Use VLOOKUP Function
  • Work With PivotTables
  • Improve Data Analytics for a Muffin Café
  • Create a Pivot Table for a Hardware Store

Excel Live Projects

  • Modify an Expense Report
  • Analyze Sales Data
  • Analyze Sales Transactions

Microsoft PowerPoint (Chapter 6)

Creating and Managing Presentations

  • Create a New Presentation
  • Delete Slides
  • Reorder Slides
  • Hide Slides
  • Duplicate Slides
  • Save a Presentation in Various Formats
  • Create New Slides
  • Reorganize Presentation Slides
  • Create a New Presentation Using a Template

Format Textual Content

  • Modify List Levels and Styles
  • Insert Textboxes
  • Change Font
  • Change Paragraph Style
  • Insert Text into Headers and Footers
  • Format Text for a Sales Presentation
  • Format a Class Report

Designing Slides

  • Modify Theme Font
  • Modify Theme Color
  • Change the Size and Background of Slides
  • Modify Slide Layout
  • Design a Business Plan Presentation
  • Design a Class Presentation

Using Slide Master

  • Insert New Slide Masters and Layouts
  • Insert and Modify Placeholders
  • Add Graphics
  • Chose Master Layout Elements
  • Edit the Slide Master Theme
  • Modify Slide Backgrounds
  • Insert Header and Footer Information
  • Create a New Slide Master Layout
  • Customize a Slide Master Layout

Formatting SmartArt and Shapes

  • Format SmartArt Shapes and WordArt
  • Copy and Paste Slide Elements
  • Align Shapes
  • Distribute Shapes
  • Group Shapes
  • Stack Shapes
  • Format Elements in a Class Presentation
  • Format a Business Presentation with SmartArt

Formatting Tables and Charts

  • Insert Tables and Charts
  • Apply Styles and Style Options
  • Insert New Data
  • Modify other Elements
  • Modify a PowerPoint Table
  • Prepare a Sales Presentation

Formatting Pictures and Other Media

  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert Video
  • Insert Audio
  • Resize and Apply Styles to Pictures
  • Modify Video Playback Options
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Format a Class Presentation on Confucius
  • Format a Class Presentation on Plato

Applying Animations and Transitions

  • Apply Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, and Motion Path Animations to both Text and Objects
  • Change Timing and Direction of an Animation
  • Apply Various Transitions to Slides
  • Change Timing and Duration of Transitions
  • Remove both Animations and Transitions
  • Add Transitions to a Presentation on Ethics
  • Add Animations to an Astronomy Presentation

Delivering Presentations

  • Use Spell Checker
  • Use Thesaurus
  • Add Speaker Notes
  • Navigate through a Slideshow
  • Use Presenter View
  • Print Slides, Handouts, and Speaker Notes
  • Prepare for a Presentation on Ethics
  • Deliver a PowerPoint Lecture on Solar Eclipses

PowerPoint Live Projects

  • Format a Sales Training Presentation
  • Format a Sales Report Presentation
  • Format a Marketing Campaign Presentation

Microsoft Access (Chapter 7)

Managing Databases

  • Open Database Objects
  • Enter Data
  • Delete Data
  • Edit Records

Designing and Creating Tables

  • Create New Tables
  • Change Field Properties
  • Import Data into Tables
  • Create Relationships
  • Make Lookup Fields
  • Create a Student Database
  • Create a Library Database

Using Simple Queries

  • Create New Queries
  • Add Fields to Existing Queries
  • Use Text, Numeric and Date Criteria
  • Add Totals to Queries
  • Add Grouping to Queries
  • Create Queries for a School
  • Create Queries for a Library

Creating Forms

  • Make Forms Based on Tables
  • Add Buttons to Forms
  • Delete Fields and Labels
  • Add Logos
  • Apply Themes
  • Create Forms for a School
  • Create Forms for a Library

Creating Reports

  • Use a Report Wizard
  • Apply Themes and Logos to a Report
  • Adjust Cosmetic Formatting
  • Create Reports for a School
  • Create Reports for a Library

Microsoft Outlook (Chapter 8)

Sending and Receiving Messages

  • Format Messages
  • Add and Remove File Attachments
  • Forward and Reply to Messages
  • Use Tracking Options
  • Create and Send a Message to a Sales Manager
  • Reply to a Colleague

Managing Messages

  • Create Rules
  • Create Automatic Replies
  • Configure Junk Email Settings
  • Sort and Organize Messages
  • Configure Basic Auto Archive Settings
  • Manage Rules and Replies for Vacation
  • Organize and Filter Your Messages

Working with the Calendar

  • Schedule Meetings
  • Schedule Personal Appointments
  • Create Calendars
  • Forward Calendars
  • Respond to Meeting Invitations
  • Modify Calendar Items
  • Schedule Calendar Items at Work
  • Review and Respond to Calendar Items at Work

Managing Contacts and Groups

  • Create and Edit Contacts and Groups
  • Import Contacts from External Sources
  • Attach Images to Contacts
  • Share Contacts
  • Create and Modify Contacts at Work
  • Create Contact Groups at Work

Technology Demos

Within TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® we use video lessons to introduce many features and explain why we need them. We also provide demo videos that show how to perform required tasks in our skill labs.