Key Features

Hands-On Experience

TestOut's simulated labs provide students an environment to gain hands-on experience working with diverse technologies and platforms in a risk-free setting. Based on real world scenarios, students will practice key tasks they would encounter on the job.The labs are designed to give students the confidence they need to be able to complete a task, not just learn about it. All without any need to set up virtual environments or configure physical technology.

Networked Environment with Blue Cell

Performance Based Questions

Based on real world scenarios, students will test their understanding with a new type of learning tool. These interactive questions will walk students through a scenario where they have to apply the concepts they have learned in a format that will prepare them for their certification exams.

Sample PBQ

Industry Expert Video Discussions

We’ve leveraged the expertise of industry specialists to discuss their hands-on experience to give students an idea of what on-the-job experience looks like. These videos are integrated into relevant lessons and provide additional insight that we have not previously offered.

Emdedded Interviews

Vulnerability Management

Students will learn how to secure attack surfaces. They will utilize security controls, patch management, and various tools to secure an environment. They will also learn the frameworks utilized to ensure their environments are secure.

Manage Vulnerabilities

Security Assessment

Students will learn to perform various assessments to ensure their security measures are effective. They will perform reconnaissance with various tools and configure restrictions on broadcasting. They will learn to perform external and internal scans to look for vulnerabilities and ways to get around protections they have in place. Additionally, they will learn to perform enumeration and scan for vulnerabilities.

Assess for Vulnerabilities

Network Security

To ensure that systems are implemented in secure ways, students will take an in-depth look at network security. They will learn to monitor traffic for signs of security breaches and implement relevant preventions. They will scan for open ports, hidden networks, rogue DHCP servers, and rogue access points. They will learn about web session hijacking, SQL injection, ARP poisoning, and DNS spoofing. Additionally, they will learn about on-path attacks, analyze email traffic for spoofed addresses and sensitive data, and analyze DoS and DDoS attacks.

Learn Online Security Concerns

Security Management

Students will learn to manage security systems across a variety of tools. They will learn how SIEM and SOAR systems work and will explore abnormal activity. They will explore device security, application vulnerabilities, malware and social engineering, and unauthorized changes, as they learn to mitigate against risks in each of those domains.

Monitor and Manage Changes