Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course compare to TestOut's previous Server Pro courses?

Our previous Server Pro courses focused on on-premises server management. Hybrid Server Pro: Core will continue to teach students these essential concepts in additional to integrating cloud services. With Hybrid Server Pro: Core and Advanced, students will be prepared to take on the tasks required of an associate server administrator in a hybrid environment.

Does this course require additional pre-requisite knowledge?

The prerequisites for TestOut Hybrid Server Pro: Core have not changed from our previous server courses. We recommend students have a solid understanding of networking and have earned their Network Pro or equivalent certification. Though experience in sever administration will be helpful, the course was designed to cover fundamentals that will help students learn the requisite skills to pass the certification exams.

With extra coverage, will this course fit into a semester?

Hybrid Server Pro: Core was designed so it can be taught in a single semester. If students need more time with the fundamental concepts, the course can be adapted to a longer period or may be offered for more credits.

What else should I know about this course?