What's New


Greater Emphasis on Key OSs

As more IT support technician jobs require broader operating system skills, we have made the following changes to PC Pro:

  • We added new Windows 11 labs, and 76% of Windows OS tasks are in Windows 11. Where functionality requires, students will still complete some tasks in Windows 10.
  • We added several new tasks to Linux labs, such as ip command. Students will now learn additional common Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.
  • We updated our demos to show the newest version of macOS.
  • iPadOS labs are also updated to the latest version of iPadOS.

IT Support Management

IT support management skills are critical skills for entry-level IT professionals. In the new version of PC Pro:

  • We added a new ticketing system to our labs. These labs allow students to learn how to manage IT helpdesk tickets.
  • We added new demos of a popular IT ticketing system, Spiceworks.
  • We created new instructional videos about IT asset and knowledge management practices.

Internet and Mobile Security

PC Pro now covers more security to address the needs of an evolving workforce. The concerns surrounding security are prevalent throughout IT, and it is more important than ever to ensure users, accounts, and devices are secured. Students will assess threats from a variety of sources and ensure that they have the proper requirements and settings to enforce safe practices. Topics include account management, regulated data, mobile device security, data disposal, and more.

Remote Work Environment

Networking protocols will be covered in more detail. Services provided by network devices are another area of additional focus and will range from server roles to SCADA. Emphasis has also been added for remote access and the associated technologies. The expanded content for mobile devices focuses on easily enabling remote working. From mobile connection methods and data connections to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mobile device synchronization, students will learn how to leverage mobile devices to safely enable access to internal tools and resources.


A basic knowledge of scripting helps students know how to navigate when they encounter code. This is an essential skill as it will inevitably come up in any IT support job. The course now covers various scripting types and uses.

New 3D Graphics

TestOut has created a brand new office, dorm, and business environments for students to practice their skills.

New Learning Resources

Hundreds of resources are also updated.

Version Differences

PC Pro Version 6 Version 7
#s of Chapter 14 15
#s of Sections 127 117
#s of Resources 713 761
#s of Hands-on Labs 117 111
#s of Video Lessons 142 164
#s of Demonstrations 144 167
#s of Text Lessons 189 203
#s of Exams 129 120
#s of Questions 1,330 1,683