Lab Video Highlights

Hands-On Labs

Here is the list of hands-on labs that users can practice inTestOut Client Pro.

Windows 11

  • Configure Settings
  • Update Windows OS
  • Configure a Printer
  • Enable Remote Desktop
  • Configure Network Adapter
  • Optimize Storage
  • Configure Password Settings
  • Configure Services with Computer Manager
  • Utilize PowerShell
  • Configure Startup Items
  • Utilize Computer Management
  • Manage Local Users and Groups
  • Backup and Restore Console
  • AppLocker
  • Share a Local Printer in Settings
  • Configure Windows Update
  • Encrypt Volume with BitLocker
  • Utilize Windows Security for Malware Protection
  • Configure Windows Firewall


  • Create a Virtual Hard Disk
  • Create a VM
  • Configure Virtual RAM

Active Directory

  • Join Workstation to a Local Domain
  • Create Domain User Accounts
  • Configure Account Restrictions
  • Create and Delete OUs
  • Manage Users and Groups in Azure AD
  • Manage AD DS Passwords

Group Policy

  • Create and Link GPOs
  • Create a GPO Template
  • Configure Security Options
  • Configure User Rights Assignment Policy
  • Configure Audit Policies
  • Configure UAC Settings
  • Automatically Elevate with UAC
  • Prompt for Changes with UAC


  • Utilize ping, ipconfig, and tracert
  • Utilize DHCP Server Console
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Issues
  • Troubleshoot IP Configuration
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity
  • Configure IPV6 Addressing
  • Connect to a Wireless Network
  • Configure SOHO Wireless Network
  • Secure SOHO Network
  • Create a Wireless Network Profile
  • Configure a VPN Connection

File and Storage

  • Configure OneDrive Storage
  • Configure File Attributes
  • Manage Files and Folders with PowerShell
  • Configure Share and NTFS Permissions
  • Configure Permission Inheritance with ACLs

Boot and Startup

  • Configure Boot Order
  • Troubleshoot System Startup
  • Configure System Protection

Backup and Recovery

  • Utilize Windows Recovery Environment
  • Utilize Windows Backup
  • Configure File History
  • Restore Data from File History
  • Restore Previous File Version

Remote Management

  • PowerShell Remoting
  • Configure Remote Desktop
  • Configure Remote Assist
  • Manage Services with System Configuration tool

Technology Demos

Here is the list of technologies that we demo in TestOut ClientPro.

Windows 11

  • Explore Windows 11 Interface
  • Use Windows Sandbox
  • Manage Activation from the Command Line
  • Troubleshoot Windows Activation
  • Configure System Settings
  • Manage Startup Applications
  • Enable Optional Features
  • Configure Edge
  • Manage Desktop Applications
  • Modify File Associations
  • Install a Local Printer
  • Manage Printer Properties
  • Provision devices with Windows Configuration Designer
  • Configure Windows Update
  • Validating and Troubleshooting Updates

OS Installation and Upgrades

  • Customize Install with Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
  • Install an OS with Windows Setup
  • Upgrade to Windows 11

Deploy Windows

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Image Preparation
  • Capture Image with MDT
  • Create an Answer File
  • Migrate Users with User State Migration Tool (USMT)


  • Extract Hardware Info to a CSV
  • Import Device Info into Intune
  • Utilize Deployment Profiles
  • Configure Enrollment Status Page (ESP)
  • Provision Windows with Autopilot


  • Utilize Hyper-V
  • Add Virtual Hard Drive to VM
  • Create and Manage Checkpoints

Active Directory

  • Join a Domain
  • Manage AD Objects

Azure Active Directory

  • Join Devices to Azure AD
  • Manage Users and Groups in Azure AD
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Intune Connector for AD


  • Manage Local Users and Groups
  • Local, Online, and Domain User Authentication
  • Utilize Credential Manager
  • Secure User Accounts
  • Install Certificate

Windows Server 2022

  • Configure and Manage Services

Group Policy

  • Configure Local Policies
  • Create and Link GPOs
  • Manage Inheritance
  • Troubleshoot Group Policies
  • Configure and Manage AD DS Passwords
  • Local Administrator Password Solutions (LAPS)
  • Configure Security Options
  • Manage User Rights
  • Configure Audit Policies
  • Configure Local UAC Settings
  • Configure User Account Control
  • Configure Updates with Group Policy


  • Configure IP Settings on Workstation
  • Troubleshoot with ipconfig, ping, and tracert
  • Configure IPv6 Addresses
  • Configure a DHCP6 Server
  • Install a Wireless Network Adapter
  • Configure a Wireless Connection
  • Create a VPN Client


  • Manage and Optimize Storage
  • Configure Local Storage
  • Configure OneDrive Storage
  • Recovering Files from OneDrive
  • Optimize Disks in Windows
  • Configure Storage Sense
  • System File Locations
  • Manage Files on Windows
  • Manage Files and Directories from the Command Prompt
  • Configure Folder Sharing
  • Configure Share and NTFS Permissions
  • Configure NTFS Permissions

Boot and Startup

  • Modify the Boot Order
  • Advanced Boot Options
  • Use the bootrec Command
  • Troubleshoot Startup

System and Data Recovery

  • Manage and Optimize Storage
  • Configure Restore Points
  • Use Windows System Recovery Tools
  • Create Backups in Windows
  • Use File Recovery Tools
  • Recover Files from Backups


  • Implement BitLocker
  • BitLocker Recovery
  • Manage Windows Security
  • Configure Windows Client Firewall

Monitor Performance

  • Utilize Event Viewer
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Monitoring Resources
  • Utilize Reliability Monitor

System Configuration Tools

  • View System Information
  • Utilize the System Configuration Utility
  • Utilize Management Consoles
  • Utilize Task Scheduler
  • Configure the Local Registry

Remote Management

  • Utilize Remote MMC
  • Utilize PowerShell Remoting
  • Utilize Windows Admin Center
  • Use Remote Desktop
  • Use Quick Assist
  • Use Remote Assistance


  • Create Conditional Access Policies
  • Create Device Compliance Policies
  • Configure Inventory Reports and Alerts

Device Configuration Profiles

  • Implement Device Configuration Profiles
  • Troubleshoot Device Configuration Profiles
  • Configure Devices for Kiosk Mode

Manage Devices

  • Configure Devices for Kiosk Mode
  • Configure Enrollment Settings in Intune
  • Device Enrollment
  • Policy Sets
  • Restart, Retire, or Wipe Devices
  • Monitor Devices with Intune
  • Monitor Devices with Azure Monitor
  • Monitor Devices with Endpoint Analytics

Device Updates

  • Update Rings with Intune
  • Configure Feature and Quality Updates
  • Android Updates with Configuration Policies
  • Client Delivery Optimization with Intune
  • Monitor Updates
  • Troubleshoot Updates in Intune

Endpoint Protection

  • Configure Security Baselines in Intune
  • Configuration Policies for Endpoint Security
  • Onboard Devices into Defender for Endpoint
  • Configure Automated Response Capabilities in Defender for Endpoint

Manage Apps

  • Deploy Apps with Intune
  • Use Microsoft Office Deployment Tool
  • Use Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps by Using Intune
  • Deploy Apps to Platform-Specific Stores
  • App Protection Policies
  • App Configuration Policies