Lab Video Highlights

Hands-On Labs

Here is the list of tasks found in the hands-on labs that users can practice in TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word®

Common Office Features (Chapter 2)

Getting Started with Office

  • Compare and contrast different Microsoft Office versions, including Office 365, Office 2019, and Office online
  • Create a new blank file
  • Save a file to the local computer
  • Save a file remotely with OneDrive
  • Save in alternate file formats
  • Enable a downloaded file for editing
  • Open an existing file
  • Edit file properties
  • Collapse and expand the Ribbon

Customizing Views and Options

  • Change document views
  • Use zoom
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Split the window

Printing Files

  • Configure documents to print
  • Print sections of documents
  • Set print scaling
  • Change page setup options
  • Print individual Excel worksheets
  • Print handouts in PowerPoint
  • Configure PowerPoint to print in grayscale
  • Print speaker notes in PowerPoint

Navigating Files

  • Search for text within a document
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Create bookmarks
  • Use Go To
  • Find and Replace data

Working With Objects

  • Insert textboxes
  • Insert images
  • Add borders, styles, and effects to objects
  • Change object colors
  • Modify object properties
  • Position objects
  • Modify shape backgrounds
  • Apply borders to shapes
  • Insert shapes
  • Create custom shapes
  • Apply styles to objects
  • Resize objects
  • Display gridlines
  • Draw on a document by using digital ink

Document and Text Basics (Chapter 3)

Creating Documents and Using the Clipboard

  • Create a new blank document
  • Open a downloaded document and enable editing
  • Print documents
  • Scroll through a document
  • Move the insertion point
  • Enter text into a document
  • Select words, lines, and paragraphs
  • Delete text
  • Copy and cut text to the Clipboard
  • Paste formatted and unformatted text from the Clipboard
  • Clear the Clipboard
  • Undo or redo an action
  • Close a document
  • Open a PDF for editing
  • Insert text from an external source
  • Reorganize the content in a document
  • Paste text from a website into a Word document

Modifying Fonts

  • Bold, italicize, or underline a selection of text
  • Modify the case of a word
  • Change the font color of selected text
  • Apply a superscript
  • Apply a subscript
  • Change the font size of selected text
  • Change the font of selected text
  • Apply a text effect to selected text
  • Apply text highlighting to selected text
  • Format the fonts in a resume
  • Create a math worksheet
  • Choose and format the fonts in an advertising flyer

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Align a paragraph to the left, right, or center of the page
  • Show and hide formatting symbols
  • Clear formatting within a selection
  • Change the line spacing for paragraphs
  • Change the spacing before and after a paragraph
  • Change paragraph indents
  • Apply a border to a paragraph
  • Apply shading to a paragraph
  • Set orphan/widow paragraph control options
  • Create a numbered list
  • Modify list numbering options
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Customize bullets
  • Adjust the indent level for lists
  • Format a series of lists in a document
  • Implement paragraph specifications for an academic paper

Editing Documents

  • Find and replace a particular word within a document
  • Turn automatic spelling and grammar checking on and off
  • Use the spelling and grammar checker
  • Use the thesaurus to find synonyms
  • Count the total words in a document
  • Correct errors while typing with AutoCorrect
  • Customize AutoCorrect settings
  • Modify an AutoCorrect entry
  • Remove a hyperlink from text
  • Identify default AutoCorrect changes that might need to be modified
  • Ignore spelling and grammar suggestions when appropriate

Document Formatting and Graphics (Chapter 4)

Formatting Pages

  • Add a watermark to a page
  • Add a page border
  • Create and format multiple columns on a page
  • Insert and modify tab stops
  • Add dot leaders to tabs
  • Modify page margins
  • Modify page orientation
  • Insert a page break
  • Insert a column break
  • Align text vertically on a page
  • Modify hyphenation options
  • Add line numbers
  • Format a report as a draft
  • Format only part of a document into two columns
  • Insert manual page breaks where needed in a document

Inserting Illustrations and Other Elements

  • Insert a picture from a file
  • Insert a picture from the Internet
  • Resize a picture or graphic
  • Move and align an image
  • Modify picture styles
  • Insert a symbol
  • Insert a shape
  • Insert the current date into a document
  • Delete a picture or graphic
  • Insert a cover page
  • Insert a screen shot and screen clipping
  • Insert text boxes
  • Insert Quick Parts
  • Use the Building Blocks Organizer
  • Create Custom Building Blocks
  • Remove picture backgrounds
  • Modify text wrap settings for visual appeal
  • Apply best practices in using graphics

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Insert a blank table into a document
  • Add additional columns to an existing table
  • Add additional rows to an existing table
  • Modify cell alignment
  • Split or merge table cells
  • Format table cells
  • Convert a table to text
  • Enter or delete table data
  • Apply a table style
  • Use AutoFit to resize table columns to fit contents
  • Center or align a table
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Format the header row and other table style options
  • Convert text to a table
  • Configure cell margins and spacing
  • Split tables
  • Configure a repeating row header
  • Align table data for better readability
  • Apply table styles that increase readability and visual appeal

Using Themes, Styles and Templates

  • Create a document from an existing template
  • Remove content controls in a template
  • Modify the theme font
  • Apply heading styles to paragraphs
  • Modify text formatting using Format Painter
  • Change the theme for a document
  • Select a style set for a document
  • Edit an existing style
  • Format a newsletter to achieve both readability and visual appeal
  • Apply font and paragraph styles to an academic paper
  • Create a certificate using a template

Academic and Workplace Features (Chapter 5)

Managing References

  • Insert a new citation source for a document
  • Edit a citation to add a page number
  • Insert a bibliography of current sources for a document
  • Insert a footnote at the bottom of the page
  • Insert an endnote
  • Modify the number format of footnotes
  • Edit a citation source
  • Convert a citation to static text
  • Import a citation source into the current document
  • Update a bibliography
  • Insert figure and table captions
  • Modify caption properties
  • Insert a table of contents
  • Cite sources for an academic paper using the MLA, Chicago, and APA citation styles

Managing Headers, Footers and Sections

  • Insert information into the header or footer, including date and time, page number, and filename
  • Suppress the page number on the first page of a document
  • Restart page numbering for a new section
  • Close the header and footer
  • Insert a Next Page section break
  • Insert a Continuous section break
  • Format a section with a different page orientation
  • Begin numbering a formal document on the third page
  • Change document formatting from one column to two columns in the middle of a page

Using Office Collaboration Features

  • Enable Track Changes
  • Accept and reject changes
  • Discard changes from specific users
  • Lock and unlock change tracking
  • Protect documents with passwords
  • Mark a document as final
  • Add and manage comments
  • Restrict permissions
  • Use Compare and Combine on different documents
  • Inspect a document for sharing
  • Remove personal metadata
  • Inspect a document for accessibility
  • Add alternative text for accessibility
  • Embed custom fonts into a document

Using Themes, Styles and Templates

  • Create a document from an existing template
  • Remove content controls in a template
  • Modify the theme font
  • Apply heading styles to paragraphs
  • Modify text formatting using Format Painter
  • Change the theme for a document
  • Select a style set for a document
  • Edit an existing style
  • Format a newsletter to achieve both readability and visual appeal
  • Apply font and paragraph styles to an academic paper
  • Create a certificate using a template

Word Associate Live Projects (Chapter 6)

  • Create an event flyer
  • Format a sales report
  • Format and add citations for a white paper

MOS Word Associate (MO-100) Practice Exams (Chapter 7)

  • Manage documents
  • Insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections
  • Manage tables and lists
  • Create and manage references
  • Insert and format graphic elements
  • Manage document collaboration

Custom Styles (Chapter 8)

Using Custom Styles and Themes

  • Create a new paragraph style
  • Create a new character style
  • Modify an existing style
  • Import a style from another document
  • Create a new color set
  • Create a new font set
  • Create a new theme
  • Create a new style set
  • Change the default font settings

Using Charts

  • Create a new chart
  • Add data to a chart
  • Add categories and series to a chart
  • Change chart data points
  • Change a chart's data selection
  • Change a chart's type
  • Modify chart elements
  • Apply a style to a chart
  • Apply a quick layout to a chart

Advanced Editing and References (Chapter 9)

Advanced Find and Replace

  • Find and replace formatting
  • Find and replace styles
  • Find and replace with special characters
  • Find and replace with wildcards
  • Use paste options

Indexes and Captions

  • Add a caption to an image
  • Mark a word or phrase as an index entry
  • Create a new table of figures
  • Update an existing table of figures
  • Create a new index
  • Update an existing index

Review and Protect Documents

  • Add a new authoring language
  • Set a proofing language
  • Turn on automatic hyphenation
  • Show and customize line numbers
  • Set custom pagination options
  • Force change tracking
  • Restrict all editing
  • Restrict formatting to a selection of styles
  • Restrict editing for part of a document
  • Compare and combine documents
  • Encrypt a document with a password

Automatic Document Content (Chapter 10)

Forms and Fields

  • Save a new building block
  • Add a document property field
  • Add a date field
  • Modify an existing field
  • Modify building blocks
  • Add content controls
  • Edit content controls
  • Modify date formats

Mail Merge

  • Create a new address list
  • Set a document's address list
  • Preview merge results
  • Highlight merge fields
  • Exclude a recipient
  • Add a new recipient to a list
  • Add a merge field to a document
  • Search for a specific merged document
  • Create merged labels
  • Modify and update labels

Using Macros

  • Run a macro
  • Record a new macro
  • Rename a macro
  • Edit a macro
  • Delete a macro
  • Copy macros between documents
  • Save as a Word Macro-Enabled Document
  • Configure macro security options

MOS Word Expert (MO-101) Practice Exams (Chapter 11)

  • Managing document options and settings
  • Use advanced editing and formatting features
  • Create custom document elements
  • Use advanced Word features

TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced Practice Exams

  • Form A
  • Form B

Technology Demos

Within TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® we use video lessons to introduce many features and explain why we need them. We also provide demo videos that show how to perform required tasks in our skill labs. Two skills that only taught in our video lessons are:

  • Master and sub documents
  • Using mail merge rules