Key Features

Hands-On Experience

TestOut's simulated labs offer a secure setting for students to obtain hands-on experience with a variety of technologies and platforms. Drawing from real-world situations, students can practice crucial tasks they would face in their professional roles. The labs aim to equip students with the confidence required to perform tasks, rather than merely learning the concepts. This is accomplished without the need to create virtual environments or set up physical technology.

Simulated Workspace Environment

Windows 11

Students will learn to install, upgrade and configure operating systems with the latest systems, including Windows 11. Integrating Windows 11 ensures that the course material is current and relevant, providing students with the latest knowledge and skills required for managing modern desktops. Students are provided with practical, hands-on experience in managing and deploying the latest Windows operating system, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Experience the Latest Windows OS

Cloud-Based Management Tools

Integrating cloud-based management tools in Client Pro enables students to learn modern device management techniques and understand the changes to modern endpoint environments. These are essential skills in today's increasingly mobile and remote work environments. They will allow students to be better prepared for deployment and management across a variety of enterprise configurations.

Utilize Cloud-Based Tools

Various Operating Systems

Access to multiple operating systems in a single course offers students a competitive advantage, because they will not need multiple devices or VMs to practice essential endpoint administration tasks across a variety of systems and configurations. Students will learn to manage systems accounting for the variance in how settings are administered across OS versions. This will help prepare them for the complex environments they will encounter as they enter the workforce, helping them to become more job ready. They will practice managing devices across multiple versions of operating systems, so they can take on administrative tasks regardless of the OS version.

Access Multiple OS's from a Single Location

Networking Labs

Students will take on a variety of networking tasks as they learn to manage client-side networking. They will be introduced to IP addressing and practice troubleshooting connections across a variety of network topologies. They will also be exposed to network security and implementing connectivity in line with secure best practices, ensuring they are ready to take on whatever they encounter in endpoint support.

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