Key Features

Hands-On Experience

TestOut's simulated labs provide students with an environment to gain hands-on experience, working with diverse technologies and platforms in a risk-free setting. Based on real-world scenarios, students will practice key tasks they could encounter on the job. The labs are designed to give students the confidence they need to complete a task — not just learn about it. All without any need to set up virtual environments or configure physical technology.

Environment with Hardware and Software

Securing Active Directory

Within a simulated environment, students can practice working with Organizational Units, create groups and users, harden authentication, secure accounts, and configure policy settings. Securing Active Directory is a crucial skill for a cybersecurity professional as so many vulnerabilities can be managed in a singular place.

Manage Active Directory

Linux Distributions

Students work within a custom distribution that simulates various distributions including Kali, Ubuntu, RedHat and Security Onion. Along with other features, they will get hands-on experience creating and managing users and groups, scanning for vulnerabilities, securing systems, and cracking passwords.

Lock and Unlock User Accounts


Students will learn how to set up and utilize virtual machines across multiple systems. They will learn to use a common hypervisor such as Hyper-V to create virtual machines and virtual switches. They will also learn to manage load balancing, virtual networks and virtual networking devices, and even software defined networking.

Create Virtual Machines

Secure Wireless Connections

Students will learn to secure wireless connections, a crucial skill in modern network environments. They will configure wireless networks, network authentication, rogue host protection, and WIPS. They will also harden a wireless network, create a guest network, and configure a captive portal.

Configure Wireless Network

Router and Switch Security

Students will configure Cisco switches where they will secure access to a switch, configure VLANs, enable device logs, and harden a switch. They will also configure router security, ACLs, remote connections, and permit or block network traffic.

Secure Access to a Switch