Preparation for Four Certification Exams

TestOut Office Pro prepares students for 4 different certification exams.

  1. The MOS Word Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-100 Certification Exam
  2. The MOS Excel Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-200 Certification Exam
  3. The MOS PowerPoint Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-300 Certification Exam
  4. TestOut Office Pro Certification Exam

These certifications play a key role in giving students the skills they need to be more proficient in school and in their professional careers.

As with other TestOut products, TestOut Office Pro builds confidence in the testing experience. Successful completion of the certification exams can be the first step to building a student's professional resume and starting the process toward completing other certifications.

Each TestOut Office Pro license includes a voucher to take the TestOut Office Pro certification exam at no additional cost. This allows students to prove to the world their proficiency in the skills they have learned.

MOS Word Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-110

MOS Excel Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-210

MOS PowerPoint Associate (Microsoft 365 Apps) MO-310

TestOut Office Pro

To be considered a Microsoft Office Specialist, students must pass 3 associate-level certification exams (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint)