Key Features

Hands-On Experience

TestOut's simulated labs provide students an environment to gain hands-on experience working with diverse technologies and platforms in a risk-free setting. Based on real world scenarios, students will practice key tasks they would encounter on the job.The labs are designed to give students the confidence they need to be able to complete a task, not just learn about it. All without any need to set up virtual environments or configure physical technology.

Fully Interactive Environment

Windows Server Security

Students will learn how to secure Windows systems across a variety of threat vectors including malware, phishing, and other exploits. Students will utilize tools such as Windows Defender andSmartScreen to configure security controls for endpoint management, credential guard, application control and more.

Windows Security

Cloud and Hybrid Security Solutions

With a focus on networked solutions, students will learn to secure policies, user rights, and hybrid and cloud infrastructure. They'll learn to manage group, password, and audit policies to secure Windows servers. They will also manage Active Directory in Hybrid environments and utilize Azure services to resolve security issues.

Azure Authentication methods

Networking And Storage

Students will learn how to secure networking and storage in hybrid environments. They will learn to manage firewalls and implement connection security rules and domain isolation. They will utilize BitLocker to manage drive encryption in an on-premises environment and will use Azure Disk Encryption to manage cloud storage encryption.

Azure Key Vault

Clustering and High Availability

To manage network availability, students will learn to balance network loads as well as configuring clustering.They will learn to implement failover clustering across various environments and concepts, including quorum, storage spaces, floating IP address. They will also learn to configure cluster workloads, continuously available shares, and recover a failed cluster node.

Cluster Quorum Wizard On Windows Server 2022

Disaster Recovery

Students will learn to manage backup and recovery as well as Hyper-V Replica. They will use tools such as Azure Recovery Services Vault, Azure Backup Server, and the built-in backup agent to configure backups. They will also learn to recover VMs using temporary snapshots and to new Azure VMs. Additionally, they will explore Azure Site Recovery and Azure Site Recovery networking.

Azure Recovery Services (ARS)

Migrating Servers

To optimize workloads and services, students will learn to migrate servers and workloads to on-premises or cloud-based systems. They will learn how to use the Storage Migration Service and Azure File Sync to manage shared storage. They will migrate different services, workloads, and servers to the latest versions of Windows Server as well as migrating on-premises servers to Azure.

Azure Migrate


Performance Management

Students will learn how use various tools to monitor and manage performance across various systems and troubleshoot any related issues. They will learn to manage event logs, services, and configure data collector sets. They will utilize tools such as management consoles, Azure Monitoring Services, and Windows Admin Center. They will also learn to troubleshoot Active Directory, on-premises and hybrid networking, and Windows server VM’s in Azure.

Manage DHCP from a VM in Windows Server 2022